A Full-Service Criminal Defense Firm Serving Mecklenburg

At the Law Office of Christopher A. Connelly, we are a full-service criminal defense firm, providing defense for those in Mecklenburg County facing state and federal charges.

Certified North Carolina Specialist In State Criminal Law

Attorney Christopher Connelly has handled thousands of felony and misdemeanor cases over his 25 year legal career. He is also certified by the North Carolina State Bar as a specialist in state criminal law, recognition held by only a handful of the thousands of lawyers in the Mecklenburg County Bar.

From DWI cases to domestic violence charges to drug possession and trafficking - we have handled them all.

Are You Facing Possible Charges?

We also offer pre-charge representation. If you believe criminal charges may be filed against you, we can speak with you about the situation and discuss your rights and next steps.

Expungements And Other Post-Conviction Matters

If you have been convicted of a crime and wish to seal your conviction, we may be able to help you obtain an expungement. We also handle probation matters and appeals.

Post-conviction matters that we handle include expungement, probation issues and motions that could reopen your case.

Talk To Our Lawyer Today, Not The Police

Common questions we hear from potential clients are, "Should I answer the police officer's questions?" and, "Do I need a lawyer for a traffic matter?" Law enforcement officials and prosecutors may try to convince or coerce you into giving a statement with a potentially false promise of favorable treatment.

Avoid "hanging yourself." Whatever benefit you get from answering questions without an attorney present is far outweighed by the damage you may do to your case.

Let Us Protect Your Rights

Whether you have received a traffic ticket, are facing white collar criminal charges or have been charged with a violent crime, we are prepared to help.

Call 704-376-9376 or contact us online to schedule a consult to discuss your case.

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