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Woman accepts plea deal in second-degree murder, DWI case

A woman accused of driving under the influence and causing a fatal pedestrian accident has recently pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. The North Carolina woman was reportedly high on drugs and texting while driving when she hit the 75-year-old pedestrian, causing her fatal injuries. In her plea deal, other charges -- including DWI -- were dropped.

Early in February, the woman was driving her SUV in Belmont. She was purportedly high on prescription medication, and the authorities suspect that she was also texting as she drove. She supposedly swerved off the road and hit trash cans and a fence before running into the pedestrian who was taking a walk.

North Carolina woman accused of violent offense

A woman has been charged in the death of her sister following an alleged shooting in Carolina Beach, according to local law enforcement. In the face of such a violent offense, the charges are severe -- she faces a charge of second-degree murder for her supposed connection with the death. North Carolina authorities have been closed-mouthed about what may have precipitated the incident.

It is unclear precisely what happened on the morning of April 1, when local residents called police after hearing gunshots. Officers arrived at a condominium where they say they found the victim suffering from one or more gunshot wounds. The extent of her injuries was not reported, but she was pronounced dead either onsite or later in the day.

Man arrested in North Carolina for sexually related offenses

Being arrested for any number of reasons can be scary. Regardless of the circumstances involved, facing charges for criminal offenses does not automatically make a suspect guilty. In North Carolina, sexually related offenses vary from case to case. Even those that appear to be the most bizarre of offenses are subject to proof beyond reasonable doubt.

A recent arrest took place in the shoe department of a local supermarket. While searching for shoes, a woman was approached by a man who suggested that he was a podiatry student, at which point the two started talking. After engaging in conversation for a short while, the man proceeded to persuade her into trying on various pairs of shoes with his assistance.

North Carolina criminal defense: Did dad threaten bullies?

Bullying in schools has become a major issue all around the country. Many states, such as North Carolina, have been trying to improve the situation by passing laws against it. While the situation may be improving, many children are still suffering from bullying in schools. One child's father apparently took matters into his own hands when his child was bullied, and he was arrested and now must focus on his criminal defense against the charges.

The father claimed that his middle school aged son was the victim of bullying on the school bus. Several kids had supposedly previously punched, slapped and kicked the child on multiple occasions. However, when the bullies allegedly smeared hand sanitizer into the son's eyes, the father allegedly decided to take matters into his own hands.

2 arrested after 1,400 pounds of marijuana allegedly seized

After what the police are calling the largest marijuana seizure in Buncombe County, two individuals have been arrested. North Carolina police officers claim that they discovered approximately 1,400 pounds of marijuana in one man's residence. The two men face federal charges stemming from these allegations.

It is not clear why the officers suspected the two men initially, but the officers began the investigation by supposedly setting up a phone conversation between one of the suspects and a police informant. Additional officers also tailed the other suspect as he drove to the first suspect's residence. A traffic stop allegedly revealed about 40 pounds of marijuana in the second suspect's vehicle.

Woman of many personas arrested for fraud in North Carolina

A woman who supposedly created fake personas for herself in order to conceal her identity has been arrested. The North Carolina resident faces many charges, including fraud, for supposedly scamming several people for money. The 39-year-old is likely now focused on planning her criminal defense against these accusations.

The authorities suspect that the woman has been scheming to swindle people out of their money since the year 2000. She has purportedly created fake personas for herself that include false names, careers and addresses. She allegedly forged immigration documents and used her fluency in Spanish to convince other native Spanish speakers that she was not an American citizen.

Alleged embezzlement and fraud scheme leads to woman's arrest

A woman was arrested and is now facing accusations of running an insurance fraud scheme. The woman supposedly falsely obtained thousands of dollars from property rental insurance premiums that should have been given to the insurance company. She faces charges of embezzlement and falsely obtaining property, and she was taken into custody in North Carolina.

The criminal investigators from the Department of Insurance claim that the woman operated her scheme from 2010 to 2012. During this time period, the woman supposedly owned a rental property company that rented vacation homes to customers on Lake Gaston. She supposedly kept the property rental insurance premiums for her own personal use.

4 accused of insurance fraud for allegedly staging a car crash

Four people were arrested in connection with what police suspect was an insurance fraud scheme. The investigators believe that the four staged a car accident in North Carolina in order to file claims and receive the insurance money. The four individuals are currently in police custody, and they are each likely focused on defending themselves against the fraud allegations.

On Sept. 9, 2012, a car accident occurred in Orange County. The details of the accident, including how many cars were involved, was not reported. It is also unclear why the authorities suspected that the car crash was staged. Nevertheless, the investigating officers believe that the suspects attempted to fraudulently collect over $25,000 from Greenville Casualty Insurance Company.